Job Security versus Business Opportunity

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The idea of job security is in a sharp contrast with business opportunity. In the society, one will see a particular category of people holding on to their job and praying that they do not loose it. These are people who are job oriented instead of being business oriented. Job oriented people can endure any type of harsh treatment in the workplace just to retain their job. They always believe that jobs are very scarce, and therefore, you must hold on to any type of job you have, no matter how humiliating such a job is. This is true especially among the under-employed. Even when they are performing a job that is below their qualification, they will still not let it go, not because they like it, but rather because they do not have an alternative.

Job security vs Business Opportunity
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Insecurity of employment:

This means that employment or job is truly a way of being unsecured instead of being secured. Such insecurity is exemplified in the financial insecurity for such people. This category always has monthly earnings that can hardly solve their material needs. They leave by borrowing, and sometimes, their monthly salary is used to settle bills they owed or money they borrowed. This results to leaving them in a constant and perpetual debt. Apart from the financial insecurity which comes sometimes as a result of low salary/wage scale, they are psychologically unsecured; always thinking about their job and how to secure it.

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In the other hand, some category of people is only interested in looking for opportunities of creating wealth and employment. There whole pre-occupation is to make the raw cash. These people are the entrepreneurs or those that belong to the business class. Instead of looking for a paid employment, they are busy thinking of how to create employment for people. They derive joy when people earn their living from their business organizations.

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They do this by exploring every given opportunity in the society. They look at opportunity from money perspective. Opportunity is indeed money. They look at the society and analyze what they can introduce that will in turn fetch raw cash for them. They look for a ways to satisfy human needs and wants through which they will generate revenues. That is business.

Job vs. business:

Looking at the two categories of people in the society, one will immediately dictate their financial status and world view. The people with quest for job security work more and earn less, while the business owners; those who look for business opportunities work less and earn more. Sometimes, they do not even need to do the work. They have managers, accountants, attorneys, brokers, and consultants. All these people are professionals that work for them and also earn their living through rendering their services. While they are very sure of monthly income, those that seek for job security are not always sure of their monthly income because their salaries are sometimes delayed, a situation that always bring about industrial action. That is why they always live on borrowing and hence live in a constant subjection to debt crisis.

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