Tips to attempt multiple choice/objective entrance exams

chirag sachdeva
Students always fear from exams, they do not how to attempt objective/ multiple choice entrance exams. During the High secondary or Senior secondary classes, students do not know how to attempt multiple choice question in the examination.

Multiple Choice Questions

After class 12th, the main focus of the students is to get admission in reputed college or university; this can be only done through multiple choice papers/ objective papers. Every entrance exam, whether medical, engineering, law and banking. These entire sectors comprise of multiple choice question papers

Have you seen scenario, where class topper cannot able to get admission in reputed college, even though he studied very hard. Only the hard work does not make sense. The students must know how to attempt objective entrance exam.

So, I am putting stress on tips that are required to crack the entrance exam. For example- You are preparing for JEE Main entrance exam, the first requirement is to understand, what sections are most scoring and make plan of activities, how to tackle the JEE Main 2015 syllabus.

Actual preparation starts from JEE Main entrance exam syllabus. Once you go with the syllabus then next target is to practice previous years sample papers and books. While practicing question papers, do leave them in between and do not check answers in between. Attempt all questions, even attempt those questions on which you have doubt.

Perform the action daily and then analyze your guessing observation, check guessing observations daily. I am saying this because negative marking is there in the objective entrance exam. Most students lack in the multiple choice/ objective papers because of negative marking. If you are having good guessing observations then only attempt unknown answers in the entrance exam. If you have poor guessing observation then leaving unknown answers is better option.

Note: Observation guessing is only for those questions for which you are 50 percent sure. If you do not know about the answer and facing the question for the first time then leaving it is better option.

Must check- JEE Main 2015 eligibility criteria

The above tip is well tested and works for the students who appear in the entrance exam. My other tip is as follows-

Suppose you are clueless about the series of JEE main questions like you donot answers of 5 questions in a roll then best way is to pick a common answer for all questions, pick the common answer whose probability is maximum, either to select A, B, C or D for all answers. It is only for those questions, which occur in the linear manner. Do perform the same action in random unknown questions. If you getting right answer for 1 question then ¼ marking makes it balance. The worst probability says that either 1 of them might be correct.

The above tips are well tested; 80-90 percent students are able to crack the objective type entrance exam using these tips. I am going  give live example, Last year, one student asked me about JEE Main entrance exam tips then I came forward with these and finally that students able to clear JEE main counselling very easily.

Follow these tips to crack the multiple choice paper/ objective papers easily. I hope that above information help students.

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