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Until some time ago, hunting a job on the internet was like looking for a dress during sales periods, meaning lost time, total failure and many disappointments. The latest discoveries in the world of communication proven that the secret of obtaining a job is to manage your social networking profile. If you have a good image there, your chances of obtaining your dream job are greatly increased.

Job Search Via Social Media

According to recent studies, 70 % of the HR specialists recruit through social networks, and the rest of them would have to consider this possibility soon. A potential employer is able to find all the details about a potential employee, and also to know the respective person better even before the actual interview. The HR officers today create a social profile of a candidate, so when the respective person arrives at the interview, the officer already knows many details about the respective person.

As billions of people already have accounts on social networks, it is important to know a few tricks that would attract the attention of a potential employer:

Be the first:

With the classical methods of looking for jobs on the internet, you will probably find a job a week after the initial announcement, which means that your chances of being hired are compromised. This problem can be solved by setting up alerts, and this way, you will be notified by mail whenever such an opportunity occurs.

Create many accounts:

A simple Facebook account is not enough, especially because this network refers to the “personal” life of people. This is why you need accounts on networks that are more specialized, such as Twitter, where all the major companies post their latest job openings, and especially on LinkedIn, which is a network designed only for professionals.

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Increase your online visibility:

The employers hunt new talents by typing the name of the job that they want to fill in, and then they look at the list of results. It is important for you to be on that list, and if you are one position behind, your chances of being accepted is greatly compromised. By writing the desired jobs in your resume, it will appear first in the results of employers, increasing your chances of being hired in the respective position.


It is important to have contacts everywhere, and to be updated with everything that is new. Try to connect your LinkedIn account with all the major companies where you want a job. Besides the fact that those companies would find you a lot easier, you will also be in touch with the respective company, so you would know whenever they want to expand their operations, or whenever they would want to hire new personnel.

Be active

Just because your LinkedIn account looks professional does not mean that you will get the job of your
dreams instantly. You will have to be noticed, and this can only happen if you are implied in the online world. Read all the posts of companies, feel free to comment or Like their posts, and make sure that somebody sees how interested you are about the services and products of the respective company.

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