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The ACI Foundation first started out as a charity in the United Kingdom in 1996. Also known as the Financial Markets Association, the group is managed by a group of trustees represented not only by the ACI, but also from different groups. The ACI Foundation hopes to advance the education of the public in the subjects pertaining to finance, including money, bonds, derivatives, equity investments, pensions, mortgages and the like. They do this by holding a number of different events that serve to educate all in attendance, as well as a number of other services that provide education to all who apply.
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ACI’s Board of Education

ACI’s overall mission is to promote the high global standards on finance, including professionalism, competence and ethics. As such, they have their own Board of Education that advises the ACI’s Executive Board on decisions that concern formal education within the group. This includes proposing ongoing strategies, defining the format and content, and implementing the ACI’s marketing and communication policies.

The Board of Education also evaluates the publications and study materials that are to be published under the ACI logo. They monitor the ACI’s exams, as well as the exam centers and their relationship with partner exam providers. They essentially serve as the ACI’s advisory body, advising the group on all matters concerning the education processes and overseeing the group’s relationships with their partners.

The ACI Education Program

The ACI’s Education Program provides a suite of examinations that are specialized in a number of different topics concerning finance. This includes topics such as Foreign Exchange and Money Markets, Derivatives, Repos, Risk Management, among others. The program consists of two levels of certification: Level One, which contains the ACI Dealing Certificate and the ACI Operations Certificate, and Level Two, which contains the ACI Diploma. Each of these certifications will test the candidate’s knowledge, skills and understanding of financial market products, the market environment and behavior as a professional.

ACI makes sure to regularly communicate with multiple national regulators on the education and training of market participants.ACI also tries its best to work alongside regulatory bodies from different companies. This collaboration serves to ensure that their market standards, exams and requirements all find common ground.

The Education Program seeks to provide a qualification that aims to enhance careers prospects and job performance, as well as set benchmarks within the industry. Their qualifications are globally renowned, portable and professional, making ACI an ideal choice for financial education.

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