Thesis introduction - how important is that?

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Whether you are writing a story, an essay, a research paper or a thesis, either one of them is incomplete without the introduction. Introduction is basically the foremost part of writing a thesis. It is the part where the problem is discussed and the details are provided later on in the body. It is a statement of what has to be argued in the body of the thesis.
Thesis introduction
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Some students do not understand the importance of writing introductions and start directly by writing paragraphs. What they do not get is that the purpose of introduction itself is to prepare the reader for the body that will come afterwards; it is kind of like giving the reader a rough idea about what the thesis is all about.

When writing a thesis, the most difficult part that comes is sorting out the introduction. Once you have sorted this out everything else becomes easy to a great extent. What you can do is you can sketch an outline about the facts that you would prefer to mention in your thesis. Making an outline will make the job easier for you.

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The importance of introducing in a thesis can be judged from the fact that it is the introduction that sets the level of expectation for the readers. It is quite possible that the introduction can turn out to be a total failure or it can even turn out to be rewarding depending on the way you have crafted your introductory part. A perfect introduction can result in a well-organized essay that links the beginning of the body and the conclusion.

Writing an introduction is necessary because it is the introduction that gives a direction to your writing. Without the beginning your thesis would be incomplete.

A good introduction covers the scope, the aim and the methodology of your writing. You can make a list of questions and provide best possible answers to them. After you have done that you can revise by making sure you have answered each question correctly then only you will receive the best possible outcome.

An introduction should

  • Arouse interest in the reader
  • Give the scope of your thesis
  • Indicate the direction of your writing
  • Provide the main issue
  • Be short and concise

An introduction for a thesis should contain four things

1-Background information
2-An essay map
3-The thesis statement
4-Your own point of view

If your introduction is too dull the reader will ultimately lose interest in your thesis. He will get bored and will prefer to avoid reading it rather than reading it and getting bored.

So the introduction plays a very important part in any form of writing whether a thesis, an article or a story. You cannot start off any piece of writing without the introductory part. It is no doubt the most difficult part of your writing but it is very important as it acts as a bridge that transports your reader from their own place to the place of analysis.

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