Why are companies choosing ISO certification India?

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Always remember that there is nothing more important to your clients than the quality of the system they are purchasing from. It is quite obvious that India today is the second best manufacturing hub in the world. There are plenty of windows of opportunity and everyone is able to start up in various industries here. In such a situation, to stand head and shoulders above the rest, you need to have a quality certification. This will reflect upon your quality procedures and the amount of effort you take into placing your company as one that strives for better quality.

ISO Certification
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“The most important quality that your company needs today is credibility and that is exactly what a certification gives you. The certification will provide your company with a set of principles that ensure a basic approach to the management of your business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction”.

When you implement a quality driven standard, you are ensuring a process driven environment will reduce the number of errors that are present in the organisation. The major difference between small and large companies is the defined processes that are present. While small companies have a way to do things, larger companies have a documented process that will increase the efficiency in the overall process. Because of this, there will be a more systematic approach towards the way people work. They would want to stick to deadlines and also be more motivated because they work in an organisation that is more inclined towards quality.  This in itself gives the team a sense of driving towards a common goal.

You need to always take care of your vendors and clients, and when you have a quality driven process in place, you will maintain better relations. When you have processes that lead to an increase in efficiency, you can be rest assured that there will be mutual beneficial supplier relations. Something that will improve your relationship with your vendors and clients too. This will help in the overall profitability within the company.
Having an ISO certification India would mean better recognition in the market too. You would be expected to do well simply because you have been proven as a company that keeps quality as its important target.

This will improve the overall sales performance as it would become increasingly easy for you to sell your products. Also, monitoring progress of existing clientele and retaining them will become very easy when you have implemented a certification of this kind. Quite naturally, your existing clients would want to partner with a company that has quality ideas and plans in place. They would want to continue working with you longer and this means better business returns.

Another major boost would be the reduced operating costs you would have to meet. You would have to shell out lesser percentages of revenue to keep your office functioning. When you are making the jump from a medium sized company to a large company, the one thing that is a must is having the right business credentials. You need to have proven business credentials and this can be done through independent verification against recognized standards. Your company will always be seen as a company with a strong history and one that focuses on quality – exactly what you want your clientele and prospects to feel.
There are many situations where you need to match specification for procurement and sales. To reach out to such supply markets, you need to have these certifications in place to be eligible. Having this would help you reach out to many business opportunities around the world.

When you want to get a certification, you have to get the processes implemented first. There are many training centers that conduct courses to explain the different aspects of ISO; you would need a team to undergo this training so that the methods can be implemented in your company. You would also have to get in touch with certifying agencies that are present in your city. An audit will be conducted at your office after studying the processes that are being implemented. It would be an extensive study on the overall functioning of the company and would result in your certification.

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Raj Bakshi is a Company Secretary from Mumbai and carries 7+ years of experience in the field. He has helped many small and large business organizations to have an ISO Certification India to gain more reliability and recognition in market.

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