Career Aspects In Turkey

Career Aspects in Turkey

Turkey is a country recognized for its warm cultural practices and its people’s hospitality. In as much as the country is offering employment opportunities, its unemployment rate is at 9 percent. Because of its many opportunities, it is known to be in the rank of one of best tourist dream destination for many people. In addition, as a universal place to nature your career. This article offers a guide on some of the available careers in Turkey, how to hunt for them, how to get a work permit to practice your career and how to go about getting a Turkish visa.

Career Opportunities in Turkey

As it was mentioned earlier, the rate of people who are unemployed is at 9%. Despite that, work opportunities for professionals are much accessible in turkey. They offer friendly employment ground. It is important to note that Turkey do not believe in discrimination of race or gender when offering career opportunity to individuals. For instance, women professors in universities are at 23 percent. Compared to the Western part of Europe, this percentage is much higher. However, the careers that are mostly available in Turkey are:

The sector of Management, Translation services department, the Information and Technology Department, Health department and the tourism and hotel industry

Career Hunting in Turkey

It’s a very big challenge when a person first arrives into the country without a job waiting for you once you are there. Although, to make it a bit easier for such people, the Government of Turkey set up employment agency offices in each city of the eighty-one provinces. For one to gain positive consideration from one has to at least learn the Turkish language. Then, at least know some basic day to day skills or practices. Online websites helps in offering guidance on the jobs that are readily available at that time. The people of Turkey have a culture that makes them believe so much on personal trust. This means that once you are in Turkey to develop your career one should build a positive network with local citizens to gain their trust.

Work Permit

This is a mandatory requirement for people hoping to build their career in Turkey. There are two known types of work permit. The first one is where the employer processes one for their employee. The other one an employee takes the initiative to process your permit. After obtaining a work permit, one is now required to make an application to the Ministry of Labor. After an individual successfully gets the permit next process is obtaining a visa.


An individual is required to make an application for a Turkey visa at the Turkey diplomatic missions. This rule applies to all individuals apart from those that come from the 120 selected countries. To make it much easier, an online page for applying a visa was opened by the government which makes getting it faster and with minimal hustle. After getting it and also getting the crucial work permit, one should now visit the Turkish embassy and the soon to be employer’s representative before visiting the country.

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