5 Latest Online Work from Home Options

5 Latest Online Work from Home Options

As with the advent of any new technology, we all expect that the internet should be saving us time and money. Unfortunately, as with most new technologies, we are simply expected to do more, in the same amount of time, now that we have access to this time saving tool.

However, you can turn the tables and make the internet work for you by earning money from home working online.

There are a number of jobs you can do working from home over the internet, and you can find one which tailors to your training, interests, special skills or available time, so you can make money online.

Online Work from Home

1 – Sell online

Gone are the days when you needed a store front and a sandwich board to sell to the public. You can now use online auction sites such as eBay and get rid of unwanted items while earning an income. Selling online is as easy as looking around your home and setting up a mental garage sale – think of all the things you’d cart out to the curb if you were having a garage sale, such as old clothes, especially baby clothes, toys, DVDs and books will give you a good starting point.

Don’t worry that you have items no one will ant, because you will be surprised at what people will buy from you, and you’ll be even more surprised at what they’ll pay. Plus, in an auction environment, if someone really wants what you’re selling, they’ll outbid their rivals, pushing the price up further.
To start making a healthy income from eBay or other online auctions, look at selling lots, such as a group of clothes or a box of toys. This will save you in listing fees and time, and the items will appear as better value for the buyers so you can often get more than you would for the items individually.
Remember that a lot of the hard work has already been done for you with sites like eBay as you don’t have to spend time or money on advertising, as everyone knows these sites, plus your items will be easy to find if you list them accurately under the already defined categories.

2 – Electronic books

There is no doubt that electronic publishing will be the way of the future, and you can become an epublisher from home very easily. You can either start by writing your own ebook and selling it online, based on your experiences, your profession, your tips for mothers, teachers or sisters. You can buy or download ebook creation software, and software to make your own ebook cover images for a professional touch and an appealing presentation to your readers.

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If you don’t create your own ebook you have the option to purchase ebooks at a low cost, and receive the rights to resell those books. You can then market and sell the books on your own website and keep the profits of the sales.

When you sell ebooks you also don’t have to waste time calculating postage or payments as the books are usually sent via email, or downloaded via a link from your website – at the most you may have to post a CD, but that is easy enough to calculate postage on, and the price is not going to be prohibitive to your customers.

3 – Head hunter

If you have good organisational skills, excellent people skills and human resources experience, you could use these abilities to become an executive recruiter and place people in new employment. Executive recruiters are highly sought after, because the businesses which recognise the value of good staff, who fit into a certain office environment are willing to pay you for your time and effort in finding this person for the.

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You can easily work from home as you research, call and email and you don’t need any special equipment or software, simply the time, and the passion to find the right person. You will need to make sure you have a mobile phone or voice mail so you can always be contacted, and never miss an opportunity.

4 – Travel service

With most people too busy to take a holiday, let alone plan one, the need for travel services can present you with an opportunity to work online from home. It would be useful if you had professional holiday planning experience, but even if you are an avid traveller yourself you will be able to research flights, hotel accommodation costs, tour bookings and hire cars and present a short list of information to your clients. They can then make the choice and make the booking, or have you take care of everything right up until take off.

When you take the time to search you will find that there are a range of travel bargains available online. You can often qualify for a discounted price if you book travel online, as well as find package deals for transport and accommodation, or adding children to a holiday package at little or no cost.

5 – Online assistant

If you have computer and administrative skills you can work from home as a virtual assistant, where you perform all of the tasks of a personal assistant, but for a number of clients, from the comfort of your own home. After working for almost 1 year, I found this is one of the best online jobs.

Your clients benefit because they are not paying for your time and your office space when they don’t need you, but they can call on you when they need an email written, a report typed or a pay period entered into the accounts program.

As an online assistant you can also broaden your services to include desktop publishing, website design and development and database creation and management. There are also a range of industries which are using virtual assistants rather than in house office assistants and you can choose clients from the real estate industry, financial and accounting industries and even legal departments who need out of office support on time, at the right price.

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