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Supply chain management has highlighted some positive trends in the global market. The current scenario has led an increasing number of institutions and universities across India to introduce education programs in the supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management
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Supply Chain Management is a broader term for the processes of physical management of business materials, which are involved in the procurement process, storage & transportation, and safe handling of the floor and the warehouses. India has emerged as a leader in the field of supply chain management and seeing the improved job opportunities in the sector, the interested candidates are pursuing professional courses in supply chainmanagement.

The supply chain management courses include the introduction of the concepts of managing supply chain processes and how these are integrated into an overall vision of the new and enlarged logistics company. The students who are pursuing supply chain management courses are given to review and analyze the supply chain management comprehensive model and its relationship mainly with marketing, sales and customer services. They also have to analyze the evolution of concepts and learn about the practical application of these concepts in different types of organizations.

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The students are required to understand and learn the criteria for diagnosis of the supply chain of companies, while defining strategies for different types of supply chains, analyzing to improve competitiveness and profitability. It also introduced e-commerce issues related to supply chain management and in particular to its implementation.

Following is the list of some of the popular colleges in India, offering supply chain management courses:
  1. MIT School of Distance Education, Kothrud, Pune
  2. Indian Institute of Business Management & Studies, Pune
  3. Academy Of Applied Arts, SatyaNiketan, Delhi
  4. New College Nottingham International Lifestyles Academy, Gurgaon
  5. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, (SCDL),Pune
  6. New College Nottingham International Lifestyles Academy, Gurgaon
  7. Indian Institute of Logistics, Broadway, Chennai
  8. Bombay Academy of Management Studies, Mumbai
  9. Indian Institute of Social Welfare And Business Management (IISWBM), College Street, Kolkata
  10. Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare Foundation, Kolkata 
Course Objectives of supply chain management:

It is the task of a supply chain management professional to understand and analyze the supply chain and logistics of a company and its main processes. It starts from the supplier and goes to the end customer. The students pursuing a supply chain management program is taught in a way that they acquire skills, knowledge and attitude that enable them to perform global management of all the processes that make up the supply chain, and which covers the activities of raw material sourcing, intermediate product management, warehouse management as well as distribution activities to the client.

Addressed to:

Logistics professionals and purchasing managers, who are responsible for managing stores. The course is aimed at all those who have the decision-making capacity to work in a logistics company. The companies seek professionals at various levels, from executives to middle management personnel. The supply management courses are also aimed at those who wish to develop a career by taking advantage of opportunities in the logistics sector.

The courses teach about:
  • Managing the supply chain
  • Calculation of demand and production planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Logistics and reverse logistics
  • Purchases and imports
  • Outsourcing
Career opportunities:

The immense growth of supply chain management and logistics industry in India is a clear indication of the improved prospects of job opportunities. The graduates can start their career with a remuneration of 3-4 Lakh per annum, and after gaining with related experience, they can earn up to Rs 10 Lakh per annum.

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Rashmi Karan is an expert advisor, who writes about the latest education trends and the related information about different types of educational programs such as inventory management courses and other retail management courses.

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