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If you are appearing final year then you took a career as much as serious. You are looking for job here and there through newspapers, career employment news, internet and so many ways. One of your friends told you hey resume is important while searching job or facing a interview.

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What is resume?

You create your resume at least of one or two pages. What is actually? Resume is self advertisement. It is showcase of your previous jobs details, educational qualification, experiences and many more. You must write your resume own, do not copy.

What the resume told?

  • Your skills: How they helpful to company?
  • Are you better for position?
  • You are able to solve company’s problem
  • What type of man/women you are?

Why resume is required?

Resume knock door of job interview and job interview opens your door of job

Now days, everyone is lots more busy with their work. No one wants to spend their time on any other things. From the resume company manager (especially Human Resource HR manager) finds your quality and primary skills and information details. If they knows about your educational qualification, experience then they asks you further without spending more time on primary questioning.

First Impression is last impression

If you completed your resume format, sending your resumes for job for different organization, companies, agencies then you are going with wrong way.
Before sending your resume for any post for any company, you must understand and study company details and job profile. If you have qualities which require for company then you must highlight those qualities. Company will hire you from these qualities.


Do not add things those you don’t have. Because Human Resource (HR) Manger is intelligent person, he hires your qualities and your skills also. Don’t lie while facing interview and putting your skills, hobbies in resume etc..

Always remember, First impression is the last Impression
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