Gate Toppers Interview- Amit Mangore AIR 85 EC GATE 2013

It’s great day for our readers because we are introducing new section in our blog “Interview” section. Here you will get a glimpse into the mind of toppers and successful candidates, how they score good marks, their strategies through their interviews.

Now, we are introducing our first interview with Amit Mangore, who is GATE topper (AIR 88, Marks 72.67). Enjoy this interview and leave your comments in comment box.   

GATE Topper: Amit Mangore
[Amit Mangore: GATE Topper AIR-88]

Me: First introduce yourself
Amit: hi, I am Amit Mangore.

Me: Tell us the story of your engineering journey
Amit: It’s a little bit hard to say about the journey, but I can say there were both hard and good times in my engineering journey. In hard times you have to strike back harder. That’s what I did.

Me: How many marks you got in GATE? And AIR Rank (All India Rank)
Amit: 72.67 marks AIR-85

Me: Why did you opt for GATE?
Amit: I had keen interest in technology and always to be work in this field. So from the last year I started preparing for GATE because of my special interest in technology.

Me: What was your reaction after knowing your GATE Score?
Amit: I was Dam happy, but I was really expecting of higher score.

Me: How many marks did you expected?
Amit: I expected a rank below 10

Me: But never mind this is also good rank
Amit: Ya, its good. It could have been better but because of some silly mistakes my score got down.

Me: Was it easy to face GATE at first attempt?
Amit: you can say it was easy, but only when you have formulated a preplan and study accordingly. I think if you start your preparation from third year them there is enough time to prepare for GATE.

Me: Whom do you credit for your success?
Amit: My parents, they always had belief in me and always supported me morally.

Me: Were you always a bright Student? ;)
Amit: Ya, I was but brilliance comes only with hardwork.

Me: Is it important to seek coaching for GATE from institutions? And In which institute you took the coaching?
Amit: No,not necessarily. If u study well in engineering and get your basics cleared you can prepare GATE on your own.But at some point you will need guidance so its better to join coaching class as supplementary.

Me: Did you join any coaching class?
Amit: Yes, Ace Academy Hyderabad. It’s a good institute and helped me in my preparations.

Me: How much time do you studied?
Amit: Nearly 4 -5 hr daily

Me: Isn’t it very less time for something big as GATE?
Amit: Ya, but I think it is sufficient if you study daily.

Me: What you do in your free time?
Amit: I like to watch cricket, reading books, chating with my buddies.

Me: Amit, I know you are getting bored; few more questions and we will stop
Amit: It's Ok

Me: What are your future plans?
Amit: Getting admission in IIT

Me: What after IIT
Amit: Probably, preferring for job

Me: And your last question, Any words for those preparing for GATE?
Amit: Work hard and do smart work, use time properly and wish you best luck for GATE.

Me: IT has been a great time spending with you Amit, thank you for giving us your valuable time
Best of luck for your bright future
Amit: Ok..Thank you..

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  1. can you please tell me your gate score

  2. sir suggest me how to choose books for each subject is there any standard books?i am from cse dept..if u have the list of best and preffered books for gate cse especially for engg. maths,dsa suggest me please my id

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