Best Teaching Apps for Teachers using iPad

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iPad has brought some major changes in the way we communicate and the manner we keep a note of things and to-do list. Ever since this e-slate came out, everyone got used to portable computing, books started getting digitized and browsing the internet has become easier than ever now. Hence, you definitely get a lot more, than just a phone with additional few inches and a few more bucks.

Best Teaching apps on iPads

The iPads really altered the way of mobile computing, and many people have taken this opportunity to make best use of this device. This device is truly a best fit for the students; and the teachers as well. Those who love to teach about technology and are really passionate about it sure can enjoy using the iPad.
This slate can add different flavors to teaching and the interesting apps make it even more interactive and responsive.

If you are a teacher with a bit of programming knowledge you can learn about what is sdlc and start building your very own iOS app in no time.

Let us see some of the best iPad apps for teachers.

Teacher’s Assistant Pro

Some teachers might sometimes find it hard to remember every student’s details. Their grades, achievements, progress or regress, scores – all these things can’t really be remembered easily. This app is really helpful for those busy teachers who need to keep a lot of student’s data. Teachers can customize the app according to their needs and Student reports can also be sent to the parents in real time situations.

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This app outlines a wide range of purposes for the teachers. Once the user becomes used to the user interface, they can easily explore through the options with various facilities. Teachers can create lists, prepare and keep class lectures, keep and update student grade sheets, draw stuffs and many more. Anyone who has access to might need some time to get used to internal features and functionalities but once it clears out it becomes very helpful and interesting.

Sundry Notes

Sundry Notes provides a varied organizer options and is absolutely free. This app can import PDF files, format files with texts, sketch necessary stuffs and opening HTML and many other file formats with ease. You can fetch information, audio clips, and images from the internet as you need. The virtual graph paper is an added advantage for math teachers. Not to forget that it requires an internet connection which might incur some charges every once in a while.

Docs Anywhere

The name speaks for itself. This app helps to manage docs on the go. You just need to connect the iPad to PC via USB or iTunes and transfer your necessary documents to the tablet and you are done. Teachers can easily transfer files to other devices they use, and the email facility provides an extra feasibility option to send and receive your docs.

Mathematical Formulas

This app is designed for Math and Science teachers. It is not a free App and is available at the App store but what you get for 0.99$ is sure worth it. This app sorts all the formulas needed to teach and you can get to the solution with a few finger taps. Additionally, you also get access to examples and steps that smartly describes how the formula works. It is sure one of the best apps for Teachers which can help them solve Math problems with ease.

Free Books

Most of the time teachers require a lot of bookish references and instantly getting those books is not that easy. This app can help teachers find references from more than 23,469 books which are available in this app library. The developers are adding more and more books every day and hence the database is becoming more and more versatile and useful. This app is completely free but you might not have access to the books with higher price range. This sure spoil some of the fun which this app could have provided to all but still given the total number of reference books it provides for free, we simply cannot complain anymore.

You can download all these apps directly from official iTunes Store.

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