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Recessionary conditions of the nation have led to many professional go jobless staking their career and livelihood at stake. Private jobs somewhere have infused fear in the parents that future economic instability might cut off the earning hand from their family. Therefore aspirants today are looking for government jobs to secure their future, with stable income inflows, despite all economic fluctuations. This article talks about various platforms a career aspirant can consider especially highlighting banking sector and the job security therein.
Bank job Recruitment

Banking sector as on today has been recognized as the major sector evolving to fulfill the requirements of the youth by offering them huge entry level platform. Many government sector banks are now offering youth the privilege to start their career with them, with plenty of opportunities coming their way.  Punjab National Bank, Industrial Development Bank of India, Central Bank of India, State Bank of India and others in the public sector is opening wide gateways to hire more and more professionals and aim to augment the working patterns adopted by the financial corporations.

With newer technologies evolving, skilled hands and young aspirants holding professional degree are highly preferred by the financial corporates. The eminent State Bank of India recently plans to hire 10000 officers and employees to spruce up its operations this fiscal year.

Last year public sector banks recruited around 63,000 professionals and SBI alone hired 22000 staff members. Though public sector banks alone hired 22000 officers and 20000 clerical, there were around 84,489 vacancies more generated in state owned banks.

Public sector banks have sanctioned strength of about 8 lakh employees at the end of March 31, 2012. Realizing the rising inclination of students towards stable and secure job opportunities, banks have opened up new prospects for large number of students.

Why Government Jobs.?

Government jobs assure high stability with regular inflow of income. The sector has highly witnessed huge transformation over the years of time. Changing patterns of technology, and professional ambiance has largely attracted the youths. Earlier private sector enticed many but the economic turbulence majorly hitting the living standards of the professionals, several committed suicides for the loss of jobs as were with left no options for basic sustenance.
Government jobs vs Private jobs

To assure better standards of life and sound career graph, government of the nation opens various sectors and institutions to assist the citizens of the country with reputed jobs and career opportunities. Government today is in various segments and conducts competitive exams to select right candidate for the position. The biggest advantage about government which perhaps attracts huge population is “no abrupt termination” and “pension plans”.

Why Bank Jobs.?

Bank jobs are highly preferred jobs especially by the females of the country. The sector has seen huge transformation and indeed has undergone several modifications to meet the changes in the scenario. High-tech methodology replacing the manual toil and monotonous work culture has attracted most of the aspirants.

Financial sector is pacing with various technologies and bringing in plenty of opportunities as the banking platform has been highly upgraded with latest techniques changing the conventional working environment.

How to prepare for Banking Exams.?

Many institutes and coaching centers are getting established who coach and train students and aspirants for a bank jobs. Banking exams comprise Mental Aptitude Section, Math, English and Logical Reasoning.

Many students are taking up these exams as and government jobs applicants have increased over the period of time.  The state governments are taking high initiative to bring in new job opportunities in government institutions to generate better employment prospects for all.

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