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Education holds the key to unlock future doors giving us an opportunity to realize our future dreams and prospects. Good education structures are provided by most institutions of higher learning but there is always the need to advance our educational know how abroad and get to integrate and discover different learning systems apart from our local or inland education system. However, planning to take our studies to the next level requires careful and well thought process so as to be fully prepared in various aspects such as psychological, mentally as well as financial awareness. Studying abroad is an expensive affair and many have ended up giving up on their dreams due to the heavy budget constraint. 
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This however has not gone down without the intervention of various stakeholders in the education sector for example government in collaboration with state bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Dena Bank among others to provide some means of availing educational loan to Indian students who are aspiring to further their studies abroad. These banks provide the loan in varying terms depending on their operating policies and therefore interest rates may vary across different banks. Interest rates charged mainly depend with the amount of lakhs the student or the applicant needs for instance state bank of India offers 1% for 20 lahks and below while Allahabad Bank offers an interest rate of 0.75% for the same amount though this is subject to change over time. Also eligibility criteria and other necessary required documents to ascertain your legitimacy may be different.

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Some of the various schemes of educational loans lie under the following categories of study; Scholarships: there are various organizations in India which provide scholarship opportunity to students who want to study abroad such as Mariwala Trust, kc Mahindra scholarship etc. other international organizations for example AMIDEAST and WHO play a key role in supporting Indian students who aspire to study abroad.


This scheme is available to students who wish to study abroad based purely on merit. Those students who want to pursue different disciplines such as graduate, MBA and PhD can benefit from it. Researchers too can apply for this loan as it will facilitate their undertaking in their field of study.

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Loans for students:

Since scholarship opportunity are scarcely limited and basically benefits brighter students, looking for an alternative source of funds to finance your study abroad will be a life safer thus through different platforms of providing subsidized loans available for Indian students who want to study abroad have been realized. You can get assistance on how to obtain these loans from the banks so as to get the correct information with regards to documents needed such as admission letter, copies of passport among others, know more on the interest rate charged, time of approval, security and disbursement as well as repayment period which in most cases ranges from a maximum of five to seven years exclusive of holiday season.

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Various procedure of applying for education loan for Indian students aspiring to study abroad is provided with clear and simple steps. However, in case of any queries you can contact for any assistance. has more than seven hundred visitors who get in touch with it on daily basis. Don't sit back on your dream, go out there and get the education loan to finance your studies abroad. For more information about please click here

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