Five Cities of South India with Best Job Opportunities

Five Cities of South India with Best Job Opportunities

Outline-Unemployment has become a very major question among people in India as well as all around the world. Actually it plays a major role in India as it stops our development. Youth is like backbone of our country. But without any job, they can’t showcase their talents. This is why a lot and lot of employability should be provided by our government.

Best Job Opportunities

Unemployment is just like a hell. You wish you weren't there but you have no choice whatsoever. When options fall short, you have got no choice left. A person spends nearly two decades to get a job that doesn't last longer than a year. People are so insecure. And why? Because the supply and the demand for job security is crappy. Are we looking at the right place differently or looking at the wrong place altogether. So why put yourself in something that doesn't give you anything?

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What really is unemployment about?

Being idle is not being unemployed. Being unemployed are being idle. Laziness, Ignorance is the two words that define the next generation of India. The worst part is. We never ever realize that we live in a world that isn't competing anymore. The world is simply coexisting. So instead of comparing and fighting, we can make sure we don't stay jobless. The absence of a job doesn't make you worthless. But the absence of the thrill to work makes the real difference between unemployed and employed. Some people are just not capable enough of getting the job they want.

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The employment system is not at fault here, the education system is. There is enough scope for minorities even at this state to get a decent degree. Even a shopkeeper can solve sums quickly…what do you think...where does it makes the real different between jobless people and people who have jobs... and what is the reason they don't have jobs? The thing is that, what we are taught and what we need to be as an employee to a company are two entirely different things…we simply don't know. As u may be aware abroad even diploma holder are regarded highly. It’s just that India has treated education as a business rather than education. Every time you see a betel shop owner he will be sure to make you hear nothing but complain.

The difference maker -

Just because someone never attended school doesn't mean he or she can't survive. A local shopkeeper's brain is very fast. Even some of them have better mathematics skill than an IT student.

So a person without a job isn't non talented. Luck, Situations, and life choices make a person who they are. These are the choices and chances that make you what you're. Risk, taking a leap, all matters.

Corruption exists everywhere. But the intensity is the crook. The more you steal the more eyes peek.
Similarly, Not all can do work to be honest and we can't say that all should get jobs. We can try and accommodate everybody in a work that suits them. This is a problem which can’t be stopped. But it certainly can be controlled. We all need awareness. And we need self confidence. We can start from sourcing all the incoming help from the UN. Why wait for our government to do something that we can ourselves do?

Best Jobs in India

Five cities of South India with best job opportunities are Bangalore, Chennai, Vijayawada, Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad. These cities have the most numbers of opportunities for young minds. People who are in to the field of IT preferably go there to look for more job opportunities and scopes for future. India is still a developing country but still these five cities in south India have the attention of most youngsters. People go for higher studies in Hyderabad or Bangalore as it is a very educative place and opens up a lot of opportunities for fresher. There are many jobs in Bangalore and Hyderabad as well which help those studying there to proceed with their life.

It is turning more and more grave day through day. It has the population of about 1.20 billion. Numerous of people are out of work. The difficulty of unemployment is getting higher fast. Every talented bodied man and woman has got to get employment. If not, the difficulty of unemployment will generate complexity for the growth of the country. India is the country with the fifth high population and yet it’s the nation with the lowest price of livelihood. We can't create jobs suddenly. But we can create good environment. Create an environment where automatically jobs will be created. We can always harness new theories, build new colleges and take up new subjects.

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