Advantages of pursuing Integrated/Dual Degree B Tech course

BE/B Tech traditionally has been a 4 years long Bachelors Degree course. But thanks to recent developments in the field of professional courses, Integrated Dual Degree programs have gained much popularity. Such dual Degree programs have also invaded BE/B Tech programs’ turf too! Nowadays, some Institutes are offering integrated programs that help a student obtain both Bachelors and Masters Degree in the field of Engineering! In this article, I will cover some basic details about such Integrated Dual Degree Engineering programs. Also, I will list some good advantages that such a program offers.

Dual Degree B Tech course

What exactly is an Integrated or Dual Degree program?

A Dual Degree program is aimed at dealing with both the Bachelors as well as the Masters Degree. Such programs are designed to help students pursue Bachelor as well as Masters Degree curriculum under the same academic program.

Usually, in case of Engineering program, such Integrated or Dual Degree programs are 5 years long. That is 1 year less than the normal duration taken to pursue BE/B Tech and ME/M Tech separately. There exist some Institutes offering Dual Degree programs that lasts 6 years also!

Do all Engineering Colleges offer Integrated or Dual Degree programs?

No, all Institutes are not offering such Dual Degree programs at the moment. There are limited number of Institutes offering such programs in India at the moment.

Advantages of pursuing Integrated Engineering program

There are many advantages of pursuing a Dual Degree program. I’ve listed the main advantages here-

1 Course duration

Most Integrated BE/B Tech programs lasts for 5 years. Normally, in order to pursue BE/B Tech as well as ME/M Tech courses, a student would have to spend 6 years. But in case of Dual Degree programs, only 5 years are required to obtain both the Bachelors as well as Masters Degree!

2 Quality of Institute

At present, not all Engineering Colleges are offering Integrated Engineering programs  Engineering programs</a> in India. Only a select few, good quality Institutes have the permit to teach such programs. So, in order to pursue one such program, one has to get admission in a good quality Institute! In short, by pursuing such a program, one automatically has to take help of a good quality Institute.

3 Increased focus on professional topics

Dual Degree programs are designed in such a way that both Bachelors as well as Masters Curriculum could be covered in less time. Time taken to cover both the topics may be less, but quality of the curriculum is not sacrificed at all!

In fact, professional topics are given more importance and focus, when it comes to Dual Degree programs!

4 Focus on specialization right from the start

In case of regular BE/B Tech as well as ME/M Tech programs, the course material deals with general topics in the beginning. It is towards the end that specialization is given some importance!

In case do Integrated or Dual Degree programs, focus on specialization is laid right from the start! This obviously helps one build an enviable skill set!

5 Employment advantages

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the study material and focus on specialization, Integrated or Dual Degree Engineering graduates have a good chance of landing a decent job right after passing out from College! Recruiters value skills set and thus have a very good reason for hiring such graduates!

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