Data science : The future of computing

Data is omnipresent. From the birthday of your friend, you wish on social media to the choices of cuisine you make while ordering in an app, one just cannot escape the presence of data in our lives. There is data collected real time from the utility applications in your smartphone, and businesses are finding ways to use this to their benefit. This is where the presence of a data scientist is largely felt by an organization. Gone are the days where decisions were made by gut, and are now made real time, thanks to the insights data provides.

We, at Acadgild, are bridging that gap for organizations to find data scientists who are trained and job-ready, through our finest online data scientist courses, among other analytics offerings. The world needs more data scientists with the amount of big data generated every day. Researchers have shown that there is a huge amount of data collected every day through user-generated content on social media. The picture you post, the status you write, the reviews and recommendations you give are all carefully monitored by online businesses, who dynamically upgrade themselves to give the best with their offerings. These are important metrics of an organization that listens to data and make decisions.

Data science

The Acadgild advantage:

Acadgild provides a comprehensive learning environment online with its google android development course. We are now living in the era of smartphones and interactive tablets. Every utility we see around has evolved into a mobile application as we see it. The course helps understand the basics of android application development while touching upon the various options of successfully developing an application to make it commercially viable. In today's day and age, the possession of a skill in data science and android app development is a boon and an unparalleled advantage.
Big data is huge, and one of the important ways of handling it is through a platform named Hadoop. You can learn Hadoop online with Acadgild's online offerings, that are aimed at job-ready data literate professionals, who can predict and analyse the data trends for the benefit of the organization. These are professionals who crunch numbers day in and out to create reports and dashboards that provide direction to the company's strategic positioning and offerings. Information is the new currency as we are heading towards an economy that tackles problems head-on with the power of data and its numerous interpretations.

Acadgild provides that competitive edge to its beneficiaries through its online and offline training through its quality delivery of skill realization. The hybrid education model that integrates classroom training with the convenience of online learning has helped us produce job-ready data scientists with a good acumen of analytical and reasoning skills. We strive to train professionals who read through mountains of data to make sensible business decisions for the greater good of the organization. Apart from Big Data and analytics, Acadgild offers technical courses on project management, certifications among other self-paced courses. We intend to make a holistic impact in the life of a technical working professional.

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