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Deepak Bante

Choosing a carrier is quite a tough situation in front of today’s generation. Getting a job in today’s world is becoming difficult because of slow down of global economy. Many people have lost their job due to recession. As a result, everyone wants a job that provides secure future. So the trend towards government jobs is increasing these days as it is considered as safe job. Government jobs are luring youngsters as they provide respect, money and security. But getting a government job is a tough nut to crack.

If you want state government job then you have to appear for various examinations. One of them is MPSC i.e.(MAHARASHTRA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION ). Now let’s talk about MPSC exam in detail.   There have been lot of changes in MPSC exams in recent 3 to 4 years. They used to be descriptive which has been changed to objective type exam. Negative marking has also been included.
This year instead of single exam, it has been divided into exams. They are MPSC PRE and MPSC MAINS.MPSC PRE consists of questions related to social study. MPSC MAINS is similar to UPSC. Each of the exams has been given duration of 2 hours and carry 200 marks each.

MPSC MAINS is new for most of the people .So we will about talk about this and syllabus for this exam. It is of 200 marks includes subjects like comprehensive skills in Marathi and English , interpersonal skills which includes communication skills, logical reasoning, decision making and problem solving, mental ability, maths, data interpretation.

Logical reasoning and analytical reasoning includes questions related to similarity, dissimilarity, sing language, numerical series, vocabulary, blood relations, cubes etc.

Grammatical part includes paragraph reading, idioms, phrases, synonyms, meanings of words, finding a sentence with correct grammar, active and passive voice etc.

Maths includes topics like numbers and number system, decimals, squares and square root, geometry and binomials etc.
Mental ability includes quantitative aptitude. Under this category question are asked on time and speed, distance and displacement, work done, profit and loss, vein diagrams etc. For quantitative aptitude best book to refer is R S.Agrawal. You can get it online from our site.

These are the subjects that come under MPSC MAINS. Get yourself well prepared for the exam. Solve as many previous question papers as you can. Best of luck for the exams!!     

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