4 Important Points to Demonstrate the Importance of Selenium Speciation

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You can find selenium in different forms. They are primarily of the organic and the inorganic forms, which can be further subdivided. The organic forms tend to include products like selenocysteine and selenomethionine, whereas, the inorganic forms tend to include hydrogen selenate, hydrogen selenide and many such other selenium combined products. Selenomethionine is the organic form of a deadly poisonous inorganic form that is hydrogen selenide. While the inorganic form is dangerous and can be deadly, the organic form, on the other hand, forms a vital part of diet taken by humans. The amount of selenium present and the suitable concentration of selenium that should be present in selenomethionine can be found out very easily with the help of selenium analysis. On such grounds, the demand for selenium analysis and speciation is growing in leaps and bounds due to the growing awareness of health in people around the world.

selenium speciation

Various things that are continuously under scrutiny and investigation check the forms of selenium present in them.  The testing is especially done in the soils, in the different varieties of plants and the biological samples found in the social establishments or in any of the local areas or bureaus.
Components of the system and their architecture
There are different methods of testing that requires different kinds of machines. A system for such speciation is formed using the following things:
  • An injection regulator that operates manually
  • A solvent shelf
  • A sequence isocratic pump that has some connections with a computer
A system comprised of these elements is usually said to be ready for selenium speciation. Since it is made up of so many modules, the nonfunctioning of any of the parts can affect the other parts. If the solvent proportions cause any kind of complications, the pump is made to overcome the situation. The pump is made this way comparatively with stronger materials.

Involvement of seal wash

There is a method of seal wash, which becomes an option for cleaning up the portable segments with high salts. This helps in reducing the maintenance cost largely and causes a reduction of the functional costs as well. Sometimes the addition of specific kind of software can help to advance the functionality of the seal wash. This software provides control, facilitates the integration of various system components and manages the data well.

Methods to carry out the analysis

A number of diagnostics measures have been taken for selenium speciation. There are two kinds of method usually executed. One of them is the parting method and the other is the potent detection method. Merging one of the methods over the other is a one of the most victorious achievements. Other methods that detect the presence of selenium ions in the product would definitely include the following:
  • Ion chromatography
  • Any kind of liquid chromatography
  • High performance liquid chromatography
  • Capillary electrophoresis.
While applying for selenium speciation in bulks, the separation of the selenium ions using the high performance liquid chromatography is the method that is most often taken for very kind of selenium extracting operation.

Some supplementary services

Sometimes there is the need of many supplementary services in such selenium analysis procedures. They may be the extraction of gases of various forms, periodical mixing etc. For this, there are separate systems that are available in the market. In many of the laboratories, there is the need of the system that helps in making selenium speciation in a much more learner and user friendly. These supplementary services are essentially needed during such laboratory work. These small components can also help the laboratories to grow as well.
Selenium speciation is majorly done to detect the presence of selenium in food or other materials of daily use. Since different forms of selenium act in different ways and some may even pose to be harmful, carrying out selenium speciation on a regular basis is essential especially for food items.

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