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The general public is by now well aware of the dangers posed by exposure to asbestos, that's doesn't mean they may have situational knowledge about how to address encountering it in the course of pursuing certain professions. The first thing people think of in this regard is a field like building construction and renovation, but there are other situations where direct contact with exposed or re-exposed asbestos may frequently occur. Did you know, for example, that depending on which commercial laundry you wash clothes at, you may encounter asbestos? Common activities like this make it incumbent on the general public to receive training about avoiding the substance.
Asbestos Awareness Training

Certain fields have a higher risk of asbestos exposure, or contact with old fibro materials that contain it, but certain common locations may carry it as well regardless of the career of those who come into this proximity. Many older bridges, in addition to older buildings are subject to retaining the material, particularly in boilers that were insulated using fibro. Families in homes that were constructed before 1981 should know that asbestos was a common component in the insulation above ceilings, beams, and tiles on the floor or ceiling of houses built at that time.

But the bulk of the asbestos threat is found in commercial spaces. Professionals should be aware not only that asbestos training exists, but what level of knowledge and training they need to address the problem in the context of careers that carry a higher risk of exposure to it. Firefighters and emergency personnel may encounter fibro when performing a rescue procedure. Cleaning and sanitation workers, in addition to rehab building workers, roofers, home and building inspectors, pest control workers, electrical servicemen and plumbers should certainly be aware that extensive work on building structures involving accessing hard-to-reach spaces may expose them to insulation containing asbestos.

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The electrical, PC and telecommunications field may need special attention in order to evade asbestos exposure. Some older appliances such as freezers and washers may have been subject to asbestos by being in proximity to insulation or asbestos dust. Electronic waste in the form of disposed of computers, mobile phones, old wiring and so forth may have also contacted fibro or insulation carrying asbestos. And any equipment kept in storage areas protected from fire via nearby asbestos insulation may be contaminated with dust or other fibers. These materials should be cleaned off for disposed of securely to prevent spread of such material.

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Most modern countries, and especially the UK and US have aggressive asbestos removal regulations in place, and strongly recommend asbestos training for professional workers. When in doubt or unclear as to the level of risk posed by exposure to asbestos in your vocation, you could check reference volumes about the environmental circumstances of certain professions, or learn about the dangers of taking an occupational health and safety courses. Asbestos education is typically done by an employer or a party contracting to provide the training for the company. It would be a good investment of time to get the orientation in order to know what to avoid.

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