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Information technology is advancing rapidly. First it has given us modern computers. Then the next contribution is internet. These two have truly revolutionized the world in every way. From economy to productivity everything else will never be the same. Then we saw another amazement of technology. It is called smart phones. It is the perfect blend of computer and mobile device. You can do almost things on these smart phones what you can do on your PC. Many popular technologies are used in these smartphones out of them 2 are most popular. They are Android and iOS. They are used in android smart phones and iPhones respectively. These technologies have many attractive features and advantages over similar technologies.
Mobile Software Training

Smartphone OS Have Revolutionized the Global Job Market
Some Features of Smartphones:
  • High performance CPU
  • Better graphics and usability
  • Support for various types of applications
  • Better web browsing experience

The latest Linux based operating system offered by Google. This system supports many applications. There is a dedicated application store named Google Play which hosts all the applications. It is a continuously updating OS. It also supports many Google applications like Google Babble. Due to the enhance connectivity with Google they have become the leading choice for customers all around the world.


iPhones run on IOS. This Operating System is a leading operating system of the world. They have many exclusive applications for the phone. This operating system also comes with tablets along with smartphones. They have impressive graphics and usability.

Benefit these 2 OS Can Offer You:

There is a growing market of smartphone applications. With Android and iphone establishing them in the market it is evident that the demand will go higher. Also many experts to maintain and repair the phones will also be needed. For all these reasons there will be a lot of job opportunities based on these two OS. In this condition it is best to join Software training programs on one of these OS. If you successfully complete the course you will have a great opportunity to get a job.

Skills You Should Learn:
  • You need to learn a few specific skills related to the OS. For android you should learn
  • Basic idea of android and an overview of the OS
  • How to develop android application using a software development kit.
  • How to upload the applications to Google Play
For iphone you should learn
  • An overview of the OS
  • Its working principle and architecture
  • How to develop iphone application using software development kit.

You should also learn the maintenance related operations of these 2 OS.

Training from a professional institute:

It is recommended that you train from a reputed institute. The institute should give you an effective training and also provide job assurance. They should have the experienced faculty and good infrastructure.


As the job market around these two OS is growing it is recommended that the training should be availed as it will give you a great chance to utilize the opening.


The two leading mobile OS software has seen a lot of development lately. Job opportunities related to these two OS are growing.

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