5 Step Path To Getting Into The Right Career

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The process of choosing your career is a tough one for most people. We've all heard of people who fall into a job straight from school, love the role and stay in the industry throughout their life. While there are always the lucky few, in reality many people don't get it right first time around, leading them to retrain later in life. However, with careful planning and consideration you can find a rewarding career that suits you and gives you the job satisfaction you deserve.

Getting right Career

1. What do you enjoy?

We're all unique with our own talents and passions, so in order to find a career which you'd enjoy, you need to think about your likes and dislikes. If you're passionate about something and believe you can transform it into a career then why not give it a go? Maybe you enjoy writing and would like to make a career out of it. Then get pro-active, go to local writers groups and get feedback on your work. If you want to make a career out of utilising a particular skill, you need to make sure you can measure up against the competition.

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If you're good at something, such as organising and planning, consider all the roles where you'd be using these skills on a regular basis. For example, a natural born planner might enjoy careers in wedding planning, town planning or even working for a travel agency.

2. Do you prefer stability or taking a risk?

Many people prefer the job security of working for a company, where they can rely on regular pay and hours. However, if you aren't afraid to take a risk, going self employed or setting up your own business could bring big rewards. Self employed contractors are often skilled professionals such as plumbers, electricians and builders who prefer the freedom they get from working for themselves. However, this path isn't for everyone and often its best to learn the ropes working for a company before going it alone. Joining an apprenticeship scheme such as those like Anne Clarke’s apprenticeships Essex projects could help you learn a trade and get you started on this career path.

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3. What working environment is right for you?

Do you like working outside in all weathers, or is a cosy office better for you? Do you want to be active and on your feet or sat at a desk all day? Do you mind travelling with your job and spending time away from home? It's important to consider all these aspects before you take on a new role as finding the right working environment can enhance your job satisfaction.

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4. Your lifestyle

Different career paths come with different salary expectations. While you can expect for the first few years to be on relatively low pay, after this your salary should increase to the general market rate. Money isn't everything and some of the most rewarding careers can be relatively low paid, such as in the social care sector. However, if you want to earn a high salary, make sure you check the averages for your industry so you don't get any nasty surprises later.

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5. Training and prospects

Some professions such as those in science and healthcare require lifelong learning and development. This means you'll be studying and learning new things throughout your career, as the profession is constantly changing and developing. This appeals to many who enjoy the new opportunities for educational achievement, However, if you're not as fond of constant career long learning, consider opting for a more traditional career such as plumbing or catering.

It's never too late to change your career and improve your life. Take the time to explore your options and ensure you make wise choices. Getting into the right career for you can take time, but it's worth every minute when you find a career you love.

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Sarah is a freelance writer who knows first hand how hard it can be to get into the right career. If you are looking for an apprenticeship Essex, she recommends checking out Anne Clarkes. She spent over 5 years working in various call centres before becoming a published writer and pursuing her passion.

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