6 Ways to Help Children with Home work

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Are the holidays getting over and still your child has a major portion of homework still incomplete? Does it leave your child in a helpless state wherein they wish for some more time to complete the home work? Well, then ‘focus and planning’ are the two keywords for your child and you as parent need to help inculcate it, in them. With the various distractions around, it is difficult for kids to remain focused and complete their assignments and home works.

Studies show that the possibility of completing a task is higher, if it is focused properly and, when there is no deviation during the completion of that task. In short, moving from one task to another without the completion of the first one will lead to incomplete tasks, more often.

Tips for Parents to help Children with their Homework

Helping children with their homework will brings parents closer to children and they also come to know what the children are learning currently at school.

If you help with homework, together with your partner you and your children will successfully finish projects that will instil a sense of team spirit in the kids.

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The parents should only help the children in their assignments, not do the work for them entirely. The kids should be asked leading questions in case of doubts and when making them, understand a concept. Let the children figure out the solution to their assignments. Parents should never finish their children’s homework. Encourage the children to find their solutions and appreciate them once they do it.

Splitting homework into smaller portions helps the kids to solve and finish it easily and comparatively faster. The home work looks more manageable to the kids and they feel interested to finish it. Parents should be supportive and inculcate good working habits and positive attitudes in their children.

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A parent should also know when to offer help and when to step back. In order to make the children responsible and independent, it is important for the parents to foster skills in the children which will help them throughout their life. Let the children try to do their assignments on their own, take your assistance if in doubt. Sometimes they may not even need your help and are able to do their assignments on their own.  So just step back and watch.

Setting up a certain routine time for homework can be a good practice. Maybe a certain time slot at night can be a good time and will help children focus and also be up -to-date in their studies at school. Daily doing the work and studying what has been taught at school that day will go a long way in helping the children, and they would inculcate certain discipline and routine in studies.

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Motivate your children, use only constructive criticism if needed and offer your support when they need you. Let them learn to tread on those roads themselves with the thought that you are always there for them, whenever they need you. This will help the children to become better individuals, improve their confidence levels, learn to be responsible and motivate themselves to solve difficulties and challenges in homework as well as life. Children might often need help with homework, if you don’t have the necessary time or the expertise, you can always seek help from one of the many resources available online.

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