How to pass maths/mathematics exam?

Mathematics exams are one thing that a lot of students are scared of. But the truth of the matter is that mathematics is not as difficult as meant take it to be. It a very interesting subject that just requires attention, the right frame of mind and simple but important principles to follow.

How to pass Maths exam

Below are the tips you need to be very good with mathematics and to also pass it exams consistently.

Have the right mindset:

This subject is not as many think it to be. It’s one of the simplest subjects. Many have believed what their friends who failed this subject told them about it. So the build the wrong mindset about the subject and never want to study it. If you believe it’s a difficult subject so will it be to you no matter how much you work hard to pass it.

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People who say it is a very difficult subject are people who have consecutively failed the subject because of their lack of interest. So don't believe them. Listen only to those who have been successful with the subject, they are the once who have something tangible to tell you.

Give time to it: My maths teacher once told me that this subject is an attention seeker. It wants your time. He said,’ if you leave it for too long it will leave you also'. Make time to read and study it even if its just a short time. Don't wait until it is exam time before you will start studying it.

Ask a lot of questions:

Always ask questions on anything you do not understand. Don't assume you know it. Be sure you know it. Don't wait until you get into the exam hall to start trying to verify anything.
Be certain before you get into the hall.

Befriend those who understand it more than you do: 

"The friend of a fool is a fool; the friend of a wise man is wise". And let me add, the friend of a mathematician is a mathematician. Learn from them and study with them. Iron sharpens iron.

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Practice makes perfect: 

This is every true with maths. The more you solve questions the more you become conversant and more proficient and perfect. Spend some time daily no matter how small to practice and you will be amazed what you can become in a short while.

Buy good text books:

Good text books will enable and even inspire and spur you to want to study and practice. Good text books will help simplify a lot of difficulties for you.

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Befriend your maths teacher:

They like students who are interested in their subject and will be willing to do anything to help them.

Practice past exam questions: 

This will give you an idea of what to expect and will help you cure exam tension.

Believe in yourself: 

You have all it takes to pass any exams. Don't anybody pull you down. If you don't believe in yourself nobody will.
Tell yourself you can pass the exam and your brain will go to work to help you pass it.

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Read and understand every exam question very well:

Some questions are not what you think at the first sight and reading of it. So read carefully to be sure of what you are been asked to do.

Answer every question step by step: 

Don't assume the teacher or marker understand what you mean.

Have you mathematical set intact: 

You will always need it.

Always be in the right frame of mind before entering a maths exam hall: 

If not you will be grossly distracted and lost. And tension may just set in.

Good Luck with Your Exams!!!

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