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When talking of the best job in the world, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. People mainly look at how a job pays, but it is also important to look at other aspects like growth, the job’s growing need in the world, work conditions and job security. Weighing all these factors must be done during one’s study period when he has an option to choose a profession. Thus, looking at the current world job scenario, here are some of the top jobs in the world (which require a bachelor’s degree at the minimum).

Best Sector to work

Medicine is undoubtedly one of the sectors that never sees an economic fall and always sees a constant growth. Among the professionals in this sector, surgeons are the most highly paid with an average of $260,000. Their high specialization and the high responsibility of someone’s life bestowed upon them makes their job one of the highest paid ever.

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Software engineer directors are another class of people who play with money. Their high technological aptitude combined with management and organizational skills make them the desired interface between the IT branch of a company and the rest. But mainly, they are in charge of the creation of new software products and their expansion or commercialization. This dual role gives them the best of both areas, and is thus heavily paid.

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Actuaries are one of those who apply pure mathematical skills in the real world. They are responsible for analyzing financial risks in investments. They assess financial instruments such as product pricing and cash reserve security. The combination of difficult pure mathematics and the responsibilities involved make this a highly lucrative career option. Also, the fact that they deal with financial risks implies that there is no dearth of their requirement. Their job growth skyrockets with economic crisis!

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Marketing managers play a neat yet vital role in the background functioning of their company. They are responsible for the creation and adoption of marketing strategies for the company in the world market. They also look at matters affiliated to public relations, development of business, managing media, promotional activities etc. Their wholesome responsibility in the company makes their job highly paid and also highly critical and competitive.

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Thus, we can see that the best jobs in the world are not only about positions and money. They are about the quality of work and responsibilities involved. While looking out of for jobs, one must also overview the job market scenario to check for requirement and growth. But the sector one chooses depends entirely on one’s interests and courses pursued during the period of academic education. Smart choices create broader pathways for better jobs.

Given that each domain has its pros and cons one must judiciously decide which profession or sector to work in early in life. Online research and reading secondary sources are of course a good method but of equal import is talking to people from these industries and taking into account their opinion. To speak to people, one can use services like LinkedIn and Round One which easily allow people to interact and talk about professional topics.

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