Smart Money Is In Engineering Degrees

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Engineers don’t die beggars. From aerospace to electrical engineering, options are galore. Be it any sector like transportation, electronics or medicine, engineering has made inroads into them. Further, the money you are going to earn as an engineer is directly proportional to your educational specialization and your input within the company in the production of a consumable commodity.

Smart Money in Engineering Degree
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Engineering is an ancient practice. Look deep into human history and you will see examples of the Great Wall of China, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and Egyptian Pyramids as awesome feats of engineering. Its long and glorious history is part of its modern charm.

Some popular engineering options are mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, thermal engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering and electrical engineering. Engineering colleges in India offer a wide variety of options to engineering students, followed by campus recruitment.

In this article, we will give you few reasons why engineering degrees are such a sought after course and why it is a route to make some smart money.

1. Engineers don’t go out of work

Unless you are a misfit in the profession, you will never go out of work in a country where engineering options are increasing by leaps and bounds. Every developed and developing country needs an engineer; therefore, you have access to a lot of job options and money. If there is any field with low unemployment rate, it’s engineering. If nothing else, you can set up your own engineering start-up after few years.

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2. Engineers are highly paid

Engineering is a specialized profession. If you possess skills, knowledge and brains, you have a higher chance of recruitment directly out of college than others. Since many companies undertake campus recruitment drive, you are practically employed even before you leave college. Research has proven than engineers earn 65 percent higher than scientists. Isn't it interesting?

3. Don’t know what to do, do engineering

You have passed high school with excellent scores in science and math, but are undecided over a career option, you can choose engineering. Engineering is a double edged sword – it is a great career option and it gives a higher financial benefit. You not only learn about engineering in an engineering college, you also learn about communication, business, ethics, economics and more.

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4. Engineering is reputed

I don’t know why exactly but engineers enjoy a higher reputation among their peers as compared to other courses. There is a certain pride is saying “I am an engineer”.

5. Solving real world problems

Engineers are fixers. They fix real world problems, improve things and invent new ones. In a technologically enhanced era, engineers make a difference to the whole human population by creating technology that is globally acceptable. They contribute towards creating a brighter future in harnessing new energy sources, building newer infrastructure, solving problems of pollution, and producing medicines for deadly diseases. In short, engineers are problem solves and because of this, they get to earn more money.

6. Be an Engineer, become a CEO

Take a look at the Fortune 500 list of companies. It is a fact that 20% of the CEO’s in the list have an engineering background, followed by administration and economics. If you want to be a future CEO, start with engineering. Since engineers also study business, economics and lead high-end projects, they are a natural choice for future CEO’s.

There are a lot of engineering colleges in India to get a degree in engineering. Engineering is usually costly but there are student scholarships too at various level of study. Try to do engineering from a reputed college because believe it or not, the name and status of the engineering colleges matters a lot too.

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