Loss of job can be a very great advantage to financial success


Job security has been the prayers of most people especially the employed and the unemployed. Everybody wants to secure a very good job. It therefore appears to be contradictory to say that loss of job can be a very great advantage. But this is not completely false. This is false for the employee that does not dream of starting his own business. But for the one who wants to own a business, the statement is more than being true.

Loss of job can turn to be the beginning of a financial prosperity for a worker who is determined to succeed. A short story will help in understanding the assertion. A man lost his job. He was indeed very sad about the event, but his wife encouraged him to utilize such an opportunity to start a business. He listened to the advice of his wife, and started a business with all his earnings as an employee. Within some years, he became richer than his former boss.

Loss of job and financial crisis:

Loss of job can awaken the financial giant in you. Sometimes, what you need to be financially successful is to loss your job. This is rather a paradoxical statement where there is a contradiction in a single line of assertion. But following the story so far, one must be believe with me that loss of job can be a blessing and favor in disguise. Only the person with an entrepreneurial skill can dictate such a favor and blessing.

Some people have good money making skills, but due to their employment status, such skills remain dormant without being utilized. It logically follows that employment can really be a setback in one’s financial freedom. If owing a business is the only way to financial success, and you are employed in another organization, it means that you could be financially stable by loosing your job and starting a new business.

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It is quite disheartening that some people who loose their job stay idle for many years without finding an alternative job. This situation will certainly erode their financial status, since the little earnings made during their time as an employee will be spent without any corresponding income. Such a situation has made a lot of families to go bankrupt. This is because of very poor financial reasoning. A simple financial logic requires that once you loose your job, you should not waste time in finding an alternative means of income by opening a business in order to sustain your family.

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Good financial decision:

Even though one should not wish to loose his job, it is very important to know that when lose of job becomes an imperative, it is a very good financial decision to start a new business pending when you get a new job. Some victims of job loss who follow this financial principle end up not looking for another job because the business which was opened as a result of job loss is yielding more dividend than the previous salary.

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