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Today, a chunk of aspiring managers are eager to pursue their higher education from the city of Dubai, a place that boasts of some of the best B-schools in the world. While a section of expert educational consultant attributes it to international exposure, rest considers it necessary to gain an edge in the global employment market. Taking a cue from this, Nancy Parker, who is pursuing six sigma training in Dubai, points out that diversity in the classroom, bright career prospects and experimental learning are equally important for professionals and students who take the 21st century learning as something more than just a classroom experience. Additionally, she says, the liberal nature of the studying environment and the facilities in terms of several innovative ways of learning, employ-ability and exposure are significantly better and varied when compared to any other cities.

Management Skill in Dubai

There are several popular fields that continue to attract international students to Dubai. However, while zeroing down on a college, it is important to wisely choose your options. Perhaps, one of the best way to choose is by selecting both -- your dream B-school that have high requirements and also those colleges that you are confident of the entry requirements. Then comes the second most important thing, which is while applying to colleges here, budget and plan the finances for the total cost of education (including tuition and living expenses) for the entire duration of the training course.

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Bright Future Prospects

While attendees focus at the return on investment prospect in the middle of tough financial situation, experts opine that good managers will always be in demand. It goes without saying that the field of management is a relevant area in the 21st century and that there are no jobs for managers is a myth indeed. There is, in reality, a dearth of good managers/leaders. Unfortunately, most managers who graduate from B-schools have only theoretical knowledge. However, the management education system in Dubai largely emphasizes on applications. This ‘applications’ knowledge of these future leaders is inherently higher and so is their potential of getting better jobs.

Advanced Knowledge In Specialized Management Areas

There is no denying of the fact that management studies is among the top ranked professional degrees worldwide, which can lead to an amazing career options for students/professionals. Besides, Dubai has some of the world’s best MBA colleges. Therefore, pursuing management training in this city in one of the colleges is very advantageous. Most of the time, it has been observed that after an MBA degree, students target high-reputation international B-schools to pursue a more specialized management study because it equips them with state-of-the art training and will enable them to get quality jobs across the globe. Also, a proper training allow students to be in an advantageous position once they successfully complete the course, backed by the most advanced knowledge in the given area which helps them to solve issues efficiently.

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The city's popularity among international students can well be attributed to the diversity of its academic institutions, strong well structured curriculum, interaction with industry biggies (in form of seminars and other talks/discussion held in the campus) and placements.

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Getting a good secured job is top of the agenda for all the students after completing management programs. Let us not forget that competition is fierce. Hence, it is vital to equip yourself with the relevant skills. In terms of a Dubai education, the reputation of the B-school is of utmost importance. While on a hiring mode, companies recognize that studying in Dubai offers the opportunity to develop international contacts and gain an international outlook -- all of which are sought-after capabilities for recruiters.

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Sam Andersen is an overseas education consultant. He writes on the emerging areas in management studies offered in UAE and has many published articles on specialized Supply Chain Training in Dubai.

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