Career as Bio-Chemist

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A growing field in India, the domain of Biochemistry offers ample career opportunities. Those who have a passion for detail and are research-oriented in their approach towards studies—biochemistry is a great career option. The following post explores the field of Biochemistry.

Career as Bio Chemist

Biochemistry—an Overview

Also referred to as biological chemistry, biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes about living organisms. Biochemical processes are responsible for the complexities that comprise life; they control flow of information through biochemical signaling. Since the last five decades, the field of biochemistry has become immensely successful. In the present times, the main focus of pure biochemistry lies in understanding the complexities surrounding biological molecules that give rise to several processes occurring within living cells.
“Biochemistry” is very closely related to the field of molecular biology that is the study of molecular mechanisms alongside genetic information well-known as ‘DNA’. 

Exploring the Field of Biochemistry

In the 21st century, Biochemistry offers great career opportunities for those who are interested in carving a future in the industry. Biochemists are employed in laboratories across the world who often make use advanced laboratory instruments such as lasers and microscopes in order to study the chemical principles of biological processes. Major areas of expertise in the domain of Biochemistry involve metabolism, heredity, cell development, growth, reproduction and nutrition. To cut it short, biochemists make an effort to better understand the chemical activities that form an integral part of our lives.

Bio Chemist

In order to perform effectively, biochemists often need to work with an entire team of several individual. The usually work like this with others in a laboratory. Most often they need to coordinate with chemists, computer scientists, physicist and engineers.

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Types of Research

There are two types of research that a bio chemist conducts, Basic Research and Applied Research.

Basic Research:

Basic Research is inclined towards hard-core academics. Biochemists working in this field try to develop and work towards human understanding. Though their research pretty often ends up applying to products developed by others, the major objective of this job is to increase and expand knowledge. For instance, a researcher in the field may be working towards the evolution of genetic mutations or a particular species that lead to a kind of disease.

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Now, the crux lies in the fact that, since basic research is not conducted in order to make money, it has to be funded by others. Collecting funds might be time-consuming to some extent; since it requires penning down proposals for grants that are sent to educational institutes, government undertaking and other bodies that might be interested in funding such a project.

Applied Research:

On the other hand, applied research work is all about solving a particular problem or even a set of problems. For instance, bio-chemists working in the pharmaceutical sector make use of applied research. They work towards the development medicines for treating a particular type of illness.

However, understand that not all applied research programs are concerned only about medicines or treatments that are required for them. Some biochemists end up researching on things like alternative sources of fuel or the ways to clean up the environment; or genetically developed crops. Some professionals move ahead in occupations like teaching in colleges.

Irrespective of the type of research works that they are involved in, every biochemist make use of advanced software and tools in order to carry out their jobs in an effective manner. While within the laboratory, bio-chemists make use of instruments like radioactive isotopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and electron microscopes so that they can perform substantial experiments and learn more about materials that they are researching upon.

Related Skills Required for a Biochemist

Bio-Chemists of the present era must be very good with computers. Visualizing data on computer screen is a must for each one of them. Let’s take an example; they may make use of modelling software that allows them to envisage proteins and molecules in a three-dimensional format. Once they indulge in such visualizations, it helps the scientists in understanding as to what they are studying.

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Becoming a Bio Chemist

Those who are interested in carving a career in this domain, they need to have degree in Biochemistry. A high-school degree in Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) is a must in order to enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry. Several institutes in India offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biochemistry. Earning a Bachelor’s degree will take around three years’ from a recognized Indian university. Going forward if someone chooses to study further can always opt for a Master’s Degree. Those who want to get into hard-core research activities must pursue a Doctoral Degree.

Agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other related industries are potential employers of biochemists. A growing field of research and employment opportunities, biochemists has a bright future in India.

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