Dragonfly: Revolutionising the Indian Education system

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We live in an era where practical experience is given more weightage than classroom learning. This is mainly due to the lack of standardized, quality education in the institutes of our nation. Students have gradually moved from learning text books “by heart” for the purpose of clearing an exam to not worrying about studies at all. The latter trend has arrived due to the web vitality of stories like “Top Billionaires who don’t have a degree.” In both cases however, the learning quotient of students is drastically affected. Hence companies are facing the Human resource crunch.  Students may have been hoodwinked by a few billionaires who haven’t graduated but what they need to understand is that indepth knowledge & skill prowess is what differentiates the extremely efficient from the rest. Even the ones who dropped-out, did that once they realized that they have gained all the knowledge & expertise they need to launch their enterprise.


Dragonfly Education is the solution to this growing problem. Dragonfly education is a company that provides a digital learning solution for all engineering institutes. Dragonfly MasterClass is a course-ware designed by the company for effective teaching, through innovative usage of animations and technology.  The course-ware is designed with the aim of increasing the Learn-ability Quotient of institutions thus uplifting the educational standards of our nation. The highlighting feature of this course-ware is that it is mapped to the university mechanical engineering syllabus. Every topic of every subject is created in an animated video. The course-ware is systematically arranged in lecture plans. Hence once the software is installed at the institute, the professors need not spend excessive time on planning their lectures or making notes. They just need to come to class and play the video stipulated for that lecture. The videos have catchy visuals which explain the concept in a simple way using real-life examples. This helps the students to better grasp the topics, since it is believed that what you see is what you learn. This will also bring about a standardisation is the teaching level of the institution.

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Another aspect of the software is e-community which propels community learning. The students are also given access to the Masterclass online tutorials, whereby they can revise the matter and discuss with their community members. Students can also take the online tests specially prepared for students for self-practise.
Dragonfly also provides assessment aids to professors. After every lecture there is an assessment quiz which the teachers can conduct in class. The software also has a vertical which enables the teachers to conveniently prepare the examination papers. The professors have to select the format and the questions from a given list, and in just a few clicks the paper is ready to print/email. The professors can also publish the papers on the software, whereby students get a notification of a new test published. The professors can set a deadline after which the students will not be able to access the paper.  Once the students have submitted the papers, the software will assess the objective –type questions, hence saving the correction time of teachers.
The 360 degree program consisting of E-Campus, E-assessment and E-community ensures effective learning, thus resulting in better student results and performance. The results of students and their performance in the real-world have a direct effect on the brand equity of the college. Masterclass also helps to build an efficient human resource for our nation.

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The entire Dragonfly Masterclass methodology is about teaching through a standardised and well-researched process of learning and application techniques. The MasterClass Solution is a result of the proprietary process called The Theory of Organised Learning [TOOL].

Since its inception in 2010, Dragonfly Masterclass has already been installed in various engineering institutes in Punjab, including Gulzar Group of Institutes, khanna and Career Point, Chandigarh.  It has continuously been receiving a highly positive response from the students, professors as well as the management ever since.
“I was very happy to see such a nice response from faculty and students both. In the pilot process students responded very well. I really appreciate the qualitative product, animation and content used. It helps the students to better understand, visualize the product and co-relate it with the practical aspect,” said Dr Gopal Sinha, HOD of Sharda University when asked about the product.

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Dragonfly has definitely taken the meaning of online education to another level, by re-focusing on the importance of classroom learning. It has re-defined the importance and usage of interactive classroom technology.
About the author:

Amitabh Vira, is on the Board of Director of Dragonfly education, having an experience of 13 years in the field of IT and 12 years of experience in the advertising industry. He has done his MA in Advertising Management from Michigan State University. Dragonfly Education was conceived in the year 2010 with a vision to revolutionise the education system by incorporating digital learning in the form of animated educational videos, convenient assessment software and community learning.

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