Top ways to Search for Government Jobs

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Top ways to search for government jobs

Everyone wants the security and stability of a government job. However, the competition is so high that you have to put all that you have got in order to make it to one of the top government jobs. This post discusses about the various methods you can use to find that career in public services.  

Search Government Jobs

 A career with government is what everyone wants today. The benefits are immense. While you get unmatched stability, there is no fear of losing jobs in case of an economic downturn.   Ask a candidate to choose between a government job and private job, and in more than half of the cases, the candidate is going to reveal working for the government as his preferred choice.  If you also have similar taste then the following methods will help you in your search:

Search for openings on official websites: 

There are scores of departments in government and for every department there is a separate website. Any opening in that particular department will be definitely updated on the official website. Therefore, the first place to check for a job is to look at the website of that respective department.

Search for openings in classifieds newspapers: 

The government is always the biggest employer in any nation. In India also there are plentiful of vacancies in public corporations. Since the day is yet to come when all citizens will have access to the internet, a majority of vacancies are still published in daily newspapers for public consumption. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in government a classified newspaper is an important place not to be missed.

Ask your network: 

If getting a government job is your final motive, then you might as well make a professional network that matches with your ambition. While not as useful as in private jobs, having a friend or two who are already into government jobs can give you a lead over candidates who do not have such friends.

Search for openings on various employment sites: 

Besides the official websites, you also have the option to scour the various classified recruitment websites. In India, there are a number of portals that are solely dedicated to update the viewers about the various aspects of pursuing a career with the government. Whether it is the eligibility criteria or the last date of application or the number of vacancies, you will get all the information at one place by visiting these web portals.

Knowledge leads to confidence and confidence leads to success. Now since you know where to look for a newly posted vacancy, here are some extra tips for getting that elusive employment opportunity.

Know about the job landscape:  

Merely wishful thinking wouldn’t get you anywhere. Proper research is a necessary and essential ingredient of every major decision.  Although we tend to think of the government as one giant entity, the truth is that it is well oiled machinery that has hundreds of departments under it, which are handled by thousands of able minded individuals. Each department is governed by its own set of rules and culture. It is for you to find and decide whether you fit in that particular scenario. For example, if you are looking for a job that would soothe your senses while keeping you closer to nature and also wish the comfort of a government job then a career with Forest department would be the best thing for you.

The best thing is that since there are hundreds of departments the odds of finding a job that suits your intellect and personality are quite good.

Have patience: 

It is the biggest virtue that will help you in pursuit of a government job. A majority of jobs in public sector have a selection process that includes clearing an entrance exam. Every exam has a huge number of applicants, outnumbering the vacancies with great margins. Most of the applicants are making their second or third trial at the job. As such, your chances of success in the first attempt are greatly reduced. Patience will come to your rescue in such a situation. If you are patient enough to slog it out year after year, success can be yours. Otherwise, either you have to be a genius or supremely lucky.

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