How to make paper resume interesting?

The importance of an interesting resume is imperative in today’s competitive world. Basically one has to put down all the important points about their ambition and skills all in one page, with proper grammar and in an orderly manner all the while keeping in mind so that their resume does not appear too mundane. The goal is to send the clear message justifying to the employers that they are a good potential candidate.

What is a resume?

A best possible way to define this all important piece of paper in the life of a working professional is to say, that a resume is a self-advertisement. It is a document when written properly, projects a candidate’s skills, experiences, qualifications, and ambitions and allows recruiters to compare these with the requirement for the job profile.

What is a resume

Everyone needs to write a resume before deciding to start applying for internships and jobs. The main objective behind an attractive resume is to project to the potential employers that although you are fresh addition to the work force, you know what you are doing good. With a strong resume individuals can have better chances of standing out in a swarm and thus, be noticed by recruiters.

What does a typical resume look like?

An important point to note here is that no two resume are alike. Although all resumes need to follow a set of all-purpose guidelines, to serve some common set of information, but regardless of that, a resume can be exceptional on its own. But one has to keep it in mind that the resume should appear as formal and professional as can be. So using of fancy fonts or colored papers to be printed on is highly ill advised. Also most recruiters prefer a concise resume of not more than a page. You have to understand that although you are only concerned with your resume only, recruiters often have to go through thousands of resume for selecting candidates for an interview. So keeping it short and to the point would help in maintaining the recruiters’ patience.

For obtaining some ideas on resume writing, you might consider looking through the various template resume which come with most word processing programs. There are also several templates and specimens and resume writing tips for recent college grads, available for studying all over the Internet and on popular job seekers’ websites like Monster Jobs etc.

All employers will notice the text of your resume with the first glance. So it is important that he/she should be able to read the text properly and comfortably without having to pain his/her eyes. A professional font size of 11 to 12 is recommended for writing resumes and Times New Roman font is the typical serif font, while Calibri or Arial are two of the better choices in sans-serif, and these three are best choices for writing a resume and are also easy on the eyes.

What are the things that a resume must contain?

Most resumes have multiple sections that provide different genre of information of the candidate’s report. But there is certain stuff that is absolutely necessary for a resume to have. Like the following:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Contact number, email id, address
  • An initial objective or a summary paragraph of a few lines (3-4 maximum)
  • Total work experience information
  • Internships or volunteering work and extracurricular activities details
  • Complete details of education
  • Skills (it is better to highlight the ones more that pertain to job profile in question)

Key tips for writing an interesting and effective resume:

A strong resume can help you stay ahead from your peers and offer you better chances.

It is best for those who are still unsure of their career goal or dream job position is still undefined, to give a brief qualifications summary first as opposed to putting an objective statement. It is important that you keep in mind to make the summary as brief as possible with a few hard hitting sentences to grab the attention of the person reading the resume. One has to aim for providing a clear cut picture of the value the candidate will offer to the potential recruiter.

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Place your education details at the top of the resume. Although most resumes have the academic details at the end of the page, but we recommend that you provide the educational details the top billing position.

Another important thing to keep in mind is, to not only think like a job seeker but as well as a recruiter and evaluate if you will hire yourself.

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