How to Order Multiple Items on Amazon in One Package?


Amazon is an extremely popular platform for both sellers and buyers.  It is a huge platform where anyone can find anything. From clothing to medical equipment, everything is under one roof.  Not only Amazon is a place to shop everything in one place but it also offers a number of perks for its customers as well as sellers. Being a customer you enjoy free delivery, prime membership, discounts, and many other benefits are there on the list.  So if you are a prime member then you can order multiple packages and ask them to be delivered in one package. This is amazing but many don’t know how to fulfill this shopping requirement. 

There is “Amazon Day” where you get shipping options and on that day you can schedule your packages to arrive at your asked time. For instance, you can get them delivered on weekends by letting them know when you will be home. It also helps the environment as it saves packaging material as well as reduces strips to deliver items. There are many who wish to get delivery of their products in the same package but many times Amazon has failed to do so.

How to Order Multiple Items on Amazon in One Package

Amazon offers different delivery options like same-day delivery.  It is impossible to get all the items in one package but still, there are chances to receive them in one package.  This way they have fewer packages and use less packaging material. This happens only if the order meets the below-mentioned criteria such as

  • The orders are being shipped to the same address
  • There are multiple orders that are placed through the same account
  • The items have to be placed on the promised delivery date
  • If all the orders are being shipped at the same time
  • Items from every order are located at the Amazon fulfillment center

Many times items are combined and placed in one package if all the above-mentioned criteria are fulfilled during delivery. The shipping amount is not changed in one single package. The amount charged is the one that is quoted in the checkout orders. It all depends upon the Amazon delivery options whether or not you are going to get all your items in one package or not. This can also happen if the customers ask for same day delivery and get all their items in one package.  Amazon offers multiple benefits to its customers.

Get all your Packages Received at Amazon Day

Amazon Day service is provided to Amazon Prime members. It is one of the amazing benefits that customers get from Amazon.  If you prefer to receive all your orders same day every week then you can choose Amazon Day.  This way all the busy Amazon customers can receive all their packages on weekends that are following Friday. 

You will be at home to receive all your packages on the same day.  There are many who use Amazon Day to receive their multiple orders in one package and on the same day every week. To activate your Amazon Day you will need first to avail Amazon Prime membership.  With Amazon Prime membership customers will be able to avail of multiple benefits like same day delivery, free shipping, and multiple orders on the same day, etc.  People can activate their Prime membership using the Amazon app or website directly. 

There are a number of offers and discounts that get activated once you become a member of Amazon Prime membership. There is another perk available for Prime membership and that is “Free Amazon Day Delivery”.  With this customers get free delivery on all their packages and also receive them all on the same day.  There are a number of other benefits that Amazon Prime membership can help you avail if you love to shop at Amazon having a prime membership is going to give you a happy experience every time you shop at Amazon.



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