How to Get GST Discounts on Amazon?


GST is a tax system implemented by the government of India to simplify tax systems. In our nation, GST is levied at different rates like 28%, 18%, 12% and 5%. If you have an Amazon business account then GST is applicable on all the services and goods available at Amazon.  Because you are a business owner at Amazon you are provided with a GSTIN number. When someone buys on Amazon business a GST is included in the final price of the goods. This GST is visible in the checkout receipt. With GST businesses can easily manage their tax obligations. So if you have having Amazon business there is good news for you as now you can avail of GST discounts at Amazon and save more.

How to Get GST Discounts on Amazon

It is very easy to avail of Amazon GST benefits. First, you will need to obtain your GST registration number so that you can sell on Amazon. You will need a GST number before you will even open your Amazon seller account.  With Amazon people can take their business worldwide and under their GST number. They will need an   Amazon sellers account after that but a GST number is not displayed in the account. This GST will help the business owners avail B2B transactions as well as GST discounts.   Once a GST number is registered your buyers are able to buy your goods at Amazon with GST invoices making sales and purchases more transparent. This way business owners can easily fill their ST returns as well as avail of input tax credits.  Amazon has special discounts when it comes to GST and to avail of them you will need to register your GST number on your Amazon business account. 

There are a few simple steps that you will need to follow to register your GST number on your Amazon business.

  • First of all, make sure to have an Amazon business account, Sign in to your account
  • Now visit the “Account info:  section and over there select “Manage GST information.”
  • Here you must enter your right GST number and fill in all the required information like your business address and PAN.
  • Now you must upload all the required documents like GST registration certificate
  • Review all the information carefully and submit
  • It will take a few days for Amazon to verify our GST registration and this time your account is suspended
  • Once the GST registration is verified you will get a confirmation email from Amazon along with GST discounts your business is valid for.

If you wish to sell at Amazon then this is not possible without a GST number.  The registration must be done with the right information and by the seller.  This process needs to be completed on your own as Amazon does not provide any GST registration service to anyone.  When you add GST on the customer account your business can avail number of benefits such as

  • It saves a huge amount of effort as well as money
  • Buyers get bulk purchase discounts
  • Can save on buying by availing of input tax credits o to 28% on purchases made for office supplies etc.
  • Option to buy from multiple sellers on Amazon with competitive deals

There are many who might think that obtaining GST and including it in your Amazon business is a wastage of time, actually, it is not as it is mandatory with Amazon. It is a compulsory process and all those who have business at Amazon will need GST registration. Amazon also offers GST discounts and businesses can save using these discounts. There are not all the products that provide GST credit so make sure that you learn about GST discounts first at Amazon. Amazon is a marketplace where sellers can reach their targeted market with ease as well as avail GST discounts and save more in their business.  GST discounts are very easy to avail just make sure that you have a valid registration number for your GST.



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