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Civil Services
Civil services entrance exam is conducted by government of India to find talented minds that can run the country. They serve as pillars of the administrative machinery of India. Civil servants have to carry the responsibility given to them to deal with administrative problems, overcome them and run the administrative machinery smoothly.

Ministers lay down policies for betterment of country. They are elected by the people, on their behalf they formulate policies in the parliament and it is responsibility of the civil servants to implement these policies. Quality of public servants determines national development.

Aim behind civil services is to work towards achieving excellence in governance for benefit of country and its citizens.

Why civil services?

Being the civil servant is the top level job you can ask for. Many of us want to do something for the country, so with civil services you get to do that something for your country.  People how are selected as civil servants are given authority to administer the country. Moreover with civil services come the pride, respect, status and money. Imagine how it feels to sit in a car that has red light above it.

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Civil services commission was founded after the independence to strengthen national unity and to organise country’s administrative machinery. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) is responsible in India to set new reforms and regulate civil servants.

Civil services is the just a common name there are lots of services available through the civil service exams. Following is the list of services available:

1. All India Civil Services (AIS)
  • Indian Administrative Service
  • Indian Foreign Service
2.Central Civil Services (CCS)
  • Group A Services
  • Group  B Services
Central government conducts UPSC entrance exam for recruitment of civil servants to various posts under civil services. After cracking UPSC personal interview is conducted and on basis of score a candidate is selected. Every year on 21st April Civil Service Day is celebrated to motivate civil servants to work for betterment of people and to aspire young minds to join civil services. Awards are given to officers how has done exceptional work in their field by Prime Minister of India.

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If you want to prepare for civil services you should first select any one of the service like IAS, IPS, IES etc. them prepare for it. All the study material is available in book stores or you can also buy it online from various sites.

Cracking UPSC is a tough nut. It takes dedication and lot of hard work. There are lot of private coaching classes that provide guidance for preparing of civil services. If you are thinking to become civil servant always remember civil services are not for earning money but to serve your country at the highest level.

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