How to add GST Details in Amazon?


Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform, which offers customers a chance to buy things from the comfort of their homes. With the help of Amazon, the life of consumers has changed a lot by adding convenience to their life. Side by side, it is also the best platform for Indian sellers. Businesses can sign up with Amazon and take the support of this platform to enhance their sales and revenue.

For businesses, it is important to have GST details updated on Amazon. As per GST provisions, a business is required to get GST registration only when its total turnover exceeds the threshold limit fixed by the law. If a business wants to sell on Amazon, you need to get GST registration before having an Amazon seller account. If someone wants to make interstate sales, you must register under GST irrespective of their turnover amount. Sellers can sell goods and items all over the world. But they need to get GST registration done before registering on Amazon as an Amazon seller account.

How to add GST Details in Amazon

How to Register GST Number on the Amazon Business

There are simple steps you need to follow when it comes to registering for GST on Amazon Business. Check out the below-mentioned steps when you are willing to register GST on Amazon Business :

  • First log in to your Amazon Business account.
  • After that, you need to go to the ‘Account Info’ section and choose ‘Manage GST Information.’
  • The next step you need to take is to enter your GSTIN number (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) along with other required information including your PAN or Permanent Account Number as well as your business address.
  • Next, you have to upload any supporting documents, if any required including a copy of your GST registration certificate.
  • Make sure to review the information you have added and then submit the information.
  • Afterward, you need to wait for Amazon so that your GST Registration may be verified. Verification is needed to register GST details. Ensure you know that this process can take some days. During this time, your Amazon account may be temporarily suspended.
  • After the verification of your GST registration is completed, a seller will get a confirmation from Amazon via email.

Keep in mind that GST registration is compulsory for businesses, which are interested in selling on Amazon business in India. Being a seller, they need to complete the registration process. Amazon does not offer a GST registration service. In addition to that, Amazon may ask for GSTIN to be verified or updated on a periodic basis to make sure compliance with the GST laws.

Adding, Editing, or Deleting the GST Number to Amazon 

Once you register GST on Amazon business, there is an option for you to make any changes or amendments to the GST details you provided or mentioned earlier in the Amazon business account. In any case, due to any reason, you may be required to change your GST details; you have to follow some below-mentioned steps. These steps are simple to understand, anyone can easily follow them:

  • Firstly, go to the Business Setting page.
  • After that, choose the option ‘manage GST.’
  • Once you visit Manage GST, you will see all the details of your registered GST number along with your address under this tab.
  • Being an administrator, you have the right to add a GST number or address to your Amazon business account. Moreover, you can also delete an existing GST number or change the existing information.

Remember that only the administrator is provided with editing rights. No other members can view the details of your GST registration number. Other members do not have an editing facility. 

Even though the procedure of getting GST might seem needless at first, it is important to register as an Amazon seller. The reason behind this is that it is advantageous for customers if they want to save the bill amount.



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