Get your Dissertation Done: How to Avoid Procrastination

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When planning to complete what may well be the most important research assignment of your life to date, time management becomes more important than ever before.
For those of us who have become accustomed to working on projects at the last minute, the writing of a dissertation can quickly become a nightmare. There’s never been a better time to change bad habits and work efficiently. Read on for a few tips to beating procrastination and getting your work done on time.

Dissertation Writing

Start Right Away

When the time comes to begin the project, start right away. It sounds simple, but it can be extremely tempting to make excuses to put off the very first session until you’ve got all the information in front of you, five solid hours to work, etc. Even if you have nothing to go off of, sit down, consider your dissertation and start formulating a plan immediately.

Get Equipped

Do you have everything you need to facilitate the writing of your dissertation? This may be the right time to purchase that speedy new laptop you’ve been lusting after, or buy a laser printer for reviewing your work. Equip yourself with the technology and work space necessary to make the process easier. 

Formulate a Realistic Plan

During your first session, sketch out an outline of which steps to take and when you’ll work on your dissertation. It can be daunting to look at the entire project, so break it down into smaller phases. You can use your entire first session to just write up an efficient plan; you’ll thank yourself later for creating a great foundation to work off of.

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Set Intermediate Deadlines

As you draft a timeline, mark important deadlines for completing certain sections of the project. By the 15th of February, for example, you should have completed X amount of research on this subject and have written an outline for that chapter. Be sure to take into consideration any holidays you may be celebrating or time when you’ll be away from your studies.

Make appointments with professors or other people you wish to review sections of your dissertations with. This will motivate you to meet your intermediate deadlines. And of course, give yourself plenty of time for review and critique before the final graduate school filing deadline. It may be best to set a very solid deadline for completion well before the official filing date.

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Be Your Own Boss

It is difficult, but you have to be your strictest enforcer when it comes to time working on your dissertation. The time slots you set aside each week for this project must be absolutely off limits. You need to arrive on time and dedicate yourself completely to the task at hand.
Sometimes making yourself accountable to someone else can help with this- find a dissertation partner who you can schedule work sessions with and you’ll be obligated to meet them at a certain time.
You can also announce your work and progress on social media to help you stick to the task.

Give Yourself Rewards

Offer yourself rewards for finishing certain pieces of the project- a day off, night out on the town, or special dinner with friends can be great motivators for meeting each deadline you’ve set.
Writing a dissertation is difficult enough without the added anxiety and hassle procrastination can bring. Follow these steps to beat the stress and change bad habits once and for all.

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